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TRUSTED DETAILING is aware of the adverse effects on your vehicle and impact on the environment that some commonly used automotive car care products may produce. We utilize only non-toxic and non-carcinogenic products. We use dry steam, and a paint-friendly, water-based formula for a Deep Gloss Shine with high-tech "super polymers". This technologically advanced solution is the perfect balance of silicon polymers, each designated to perform a different task. Some have high surface bonding characteristics, some offer superior gloss, some are extremely water-repellant and some are resistant to extreme temperatures. Our detailers are formally trained technicians who have the proper tools and technology to solve many common problems such as:

New Car Protection

Swirl & Scratch Removal

Removing Hard Water Spots

Clear Coat Repair

Cleaning Carpet Stains

Repairing Faded Trim

Smoke & Odor Removal

Acid Rain Repair

Restoring Faded Paint

Tar & Sap Removal

Steam Cleaning Interiors

Professional Window Tinting


Boats become scummy, smelly and duller faster than anything you'll own. Fiberglass, Gel-Coat and aluminum require proper maintenance to retain their beauty. This does not mean a visit to the local drive through car wash. Have Trusted Detailing detail your boat and we'll bring that shine back to your boat and a smile to your face.

  • Exterior Wash & Stain Removal
  • Hand & Machine Polish
  • Oxidation Removal
  • Gelcoat Restoration



Spokane RV Detailing Complete Detail Includes:

  • Exterior wash & stain removal
  • Hand & machine polish
  • Polish bumpers
  • Remove surface grime
  • Road tar, pitch, bugs and oxidation removed
  • Clean exterior compartments
  • Clean grime around edges of entrance compartment doors
  • Dress tires
  • De-Odorizing if necessary
  • ETC..



If you are looking to deal with a truly professional detailer, look to Trusted Detailing. We always strive for perfection and professionalism. Our detailers have been profesionally trained to use the newest technology with very few chemicals and our motto is "Pretty Good Isn't Good Enough - Perfection Is". We understand both modern and old school paints, we understand interior surfaces, carpets, leather and the mechanics of proper and skill based detailing.

At Trusted Detailing we can detail just about anything and if it's not on our menu we can give you a custom quote. A good example of this would be a small trailer for hauling equipment or a motorcycle etc.. Because all surfaces require different protection we may need some lead time to order products if we don't have the correct ones in stock.

We'll also be honest and tell you if we can't detail certain surfaces like marble in high end RVs.

What can we do ?

  • We make every car look flawless and be thought of as brand new!
  • We fix vehicles that have appearance problems such as swirls marks, scratches, scuff, poor gloss, odors or other blemishes. We train our detailers to exceed the customer’s expectations!
  • Did you know that most “experienced” detailers have never had any type of formal training? Our detailers were trained by the same team that set up BMW and MINI of North America’s detail training program!
  • Our shop is well lit, neat and clean.
  • A team dedicated to the art of auto detailing?
  • Are your used and certified pre-owned vehicles grossing what they should? Do they still look good on the lot after a week or two? We ensure they look great from the start, but continue to great long after they are sold!











Spokane Motorcycle Detail Service:

  • Motorcycle Deluxe Wash & Wax- This is our entry-level bike service. Includes a full wash, a hand drying, basic metal cleaning and dress plastic and rubber. This service for a bike is more costly than our same service for a car! It takes longer and requires more experience.
  • Basic Motorcycle Detail- This is what we call our basic detail where we do the same services as the above deluxe wash with paint protection added. We also treat the leather/vinyl areas.
  • Supreme Motorcycle Detail - Again all the same services as the two above services but with paint polishing and also basic metal polishing. This level of service also includes advance wheel cleaning and advance degreasing of all surfaces.
  • Ultimate Motorcycle Detail - When a client desires each and every surface to be detailed to the highest level this is the service! We polish all surfaces and every inch of the bike is detailed. This is a very serious task and with that is not a cheap process.


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